one way vision

Our range of one way vision window vinyls give an added dimension to window graphics.

Allowing printed window graphics to be seen through without reducing the effectiveness of the design.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

One-way vision products provide an innovative solution for maintaining privacy without compromising on aesthetics. The perforated vinyl allows for vibrant and eye-catching graphics to be displayed on the exterior while ensuring clear visibility from the inside. 

This is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to promote their brand or services while keeping the interior of their offices or vehicles private and secure. The ability to see out while preventing outsiders from seeing in creates a safer and more comfortable environment for occupants.

Superior Marketing Tool

One-way vision vinyl is an exceptional marketing tool that transforms windows into dynamic advertising spaces. The high-quality print surface ensures that graphics are sharp, vibrant, and attention-grabbing, making it ideal for both long-term branding and short-term promotional campaigns. With various transparency options available, businesses can choose the level of visibility that best suits their advertising needs. 

This versatility allows for impactful marketing messages that can be seen from a distance, attracting potential customers and enhancing brand visibility.

Durable and Easy to Apply

One-way vision products are designed for durability and ease of application. They are suitable for various environments, from vehicles to storefronts, and are resistant to weather and UV degradation, ensuring that graphics remain vibrant and intact over time. Additionally, the application and removal process is straightforward, making it convenient for businesses to update their graphics as needed. 

This combination of durability and ease of use makes one-way vision vinyl a practical and effective solution for any advertising or branding project.


licensed contravision

Invented by Roland Hill in 1985, Contra Vision’s revolutionary one-way vision technology transformed the industry by providing a unique solution that combines privacy and impactful advertising.

This innovative product, which is now a licensed technology, set the standard for perforated window films used worldwide.

Contra Vision Performance™

  • Durability: High durability, suitable for long-term applications.
  • Transparency Options: Available in various transparency options (20/80, 30/70, 40/60, 50/50).
  • Usage: Ideal for vehicle wraps, building wraps, and other high-exposure applications.
  • Features: Provides excellent print quality, easy application, and removal.

Contra Vision Campaign™

  • Durability: Designed for short-term promotional campaigns.
  • Transparency Options: Available in different transparency options (20/80, 30/70, 40/60).
  • Usage: Perfect for temporary advertisements, retail promotions, and event graphics.
  • Features: Cost-effective with good print quality, easy to apply and remove after short durations.

Contra Vision HD Performance™

  • Durability: High durability, suitable for long-term use.
  • Transparency Options: High-definition perforated window film, available in various transparencies (40/60).
  • Usage: Ideal for applications requiring high-resolution images and sharp graphics.
  • Features: Delivers superior image quality and finer detail with smaller perforations.

Contra Vision XR™

  • Durability: Designed for extended outdoor durability.
  • Transparency Options: Available in different transparency options (20/80, 30/70, 40/60).
  • Usage: Suitable for harsh outdoor environments and extended exposure.
  • Features: Resistant to weather and UV degradation, provides longer-lasting graphics.

Contra Vision® Impress™

  • Durability: Long-term durability.
  • Transparency Options: Available in different transparency options (20/80, 30/70, 40/60).
  • Usage: Ideal for high-impact advertising with vivid colors and sharp graphics.
  • Features: Premium print surface that enhances color vibrancy and graphic clarity.

Contra Vision® Backlite™

  • Durability: Suitable for both short-term and long-term use.
  • Transparency Options: Optimized for backlit applications.
  • Usage: Ideal for illuminated displays, including lightboxes and vehicle windows with interior lighting.
  • Features: Enhances visibility of graphics during both day and night.


Each product range in the Contra Vision family is designed to cater to specific needs, from short-term promotional graphics to long-lasting, high-quality advertising solutions.


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